Snow - A Flake of Kindness and Love

dong huang restaurant

Does it ever happen to you that an angel comes your way and unexpectedly tells you exactly what you needed to hear, as well as to every single friend sitting at your table and half of you end up in tears of joy, because her words resonate so deeply?
Well, this happened to me last week and I couldn’t be more grateful for meeting Snow, such an energetic, loving and giving woman.

We stopped by her restaurant in Paris and she gave us numerous life advice.

I rarely see people shining so bright and looking so filled with love and happiness.

Her secret?

“Love first.

Love yourself and love others.

No matter the obstacles.

No matter wether you’re rich or poor.

No matter if you’re successful or not, alone or surrounded.

Keep loving, keep believing.

God listens to you and will give you anything you ask for.

In everything that I do, I put love. When I cook. When I talk to my customers, my family, my friends.

When I do anything.

I’m filled with love.

That’s my tip.

And then I eat one pomegranate a day, to prevent cancer.”