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"A Workout isn't just a workout. It's an Investment in Myself & my Future" - Interview N.3 of the Fitness Series
Alex Verhoeven hyperfitness

New interview from my bodybuilding series in partnership with Your Fitness, interviewing Axel on the way sports impacted his life positively:

"I first started bodybuilding without a program, then I went on an Erasmus trip and completely lacked diligence.

But for a year and a half now, I’ve regained control of myself and sports has become my life. I’ve decided to make the most out of my time at the gym and optimize my training. read books, watch fitness videos, talk to coaches ...

My biggest motivation has been to see my body change: I gained 20 pounds, of muscle mainly: quadriceps, shoulders ...

As a teenager, I grew up fast and I was thin. So, I wanted to see how far my body could go naturally.

This new way of life has impacted other areas: I’ve engaged in a strict lifestyle, I stopped smoking, reduced alcohol, started to eat better (bio), to hydrate more, to sleep better ...

Sports has become an integral part of my life, an evidence after work, a pleasure ...

In fact, my life is now scheduled around sports:,,,

It's not just a workout, it’s an investment in my health, in my future."


"J'ai d'abord attaqué la musculation sans programme, puis suis parti en voyage Erasmus et perdu mon assiduité.
Depuis un an et demi, je me suis repris en main et le sport est devenu ma vie. J'ai eu envie de rentabiliser mon temps perdu à la salle et ai optimisé mes entraìnements. J'ai lu des livres, regardé des videos sur le sport, parlé à des coachs...

Ma plus grande motivation a été de voir mon corps se transformer: j'ai pris 20 kilos de muscles principalement. Quadriceps, épaules...
Adolescent, j'ai grandi vite et j'étais mince. Donc, j'ai envie de voir jusqu'où mon corps peut aller naturellement .

Ce nouveau mode de vie a impacté d'autres domaines.: j'ai commencé une hygiène de vie stricte , j'ai arrèté de fumer, diminué l'alcool, commencé à manger mieux (bio), à mieux dormir, bien m’hydrater ...

Le sport est devenu une partie intégrante de ma vie , un automatisme après le boulot, un plaisir...
D'ailleurs, toute ma vie est désormais tournée autour sport: entraînement, alimentation, repos, travail.

Ce n’est pas que l’entraînement, c'est un investissement sur ma santé, sur l’avenir."

Balance Your Energy
Estimated reading time: 1'40

Estimated reading time: 1'40

I've never really been a big yoga enthusiast, but I've been pushing myself to practice it to release stress and anxiety.  

And while I lived in San Francisco, yoga was pretty much a must as most people incorporate it into their lifestyles, out there.

I usually go for Bikram or Power yoga since I am more inclined to practicing exhausting sports and push my body to its limits, but one day, I decided to give lyengar a shot (a type of yoga that focuses on pose and alignment).

As I was stepping out of the class, I chatted with the teacher, French as well, and asked her why she had chosen to teach that sport:

- "A couple years ago, I desperately needed to recenter and listen to my body.

I used to work in an office as a DHR. I was completely stressed out, could barely breathe. One day, I got diagnosed with a slipped disk. I was having terrible backache, and realized that I just hadn't been listening to my body at all.

So I took the diagnosis as a call for help. I decided to leave the corporate world and become a yoga teacher.

I quickly noticed that here in California, people were much more understanding and willing to help, which encouraged me to take this step, while people back in France were negative, doubtful and little inclined to support my new life choices.

I chose to teach lyengar yoga because it focuses heavily on body awareness. It might be perceived as "boring" at first sight, but since there is a lot of focus on the position and you get tons of instructions, it helps you relax, almost to a meditative state, contrary to punchy classes with loud music that distract you ..."

I could not prevent but smile, as I related to what she was saying. She understood in which category I was.

"Hyperactive, or even energetic people like you usually go for dynamic classes that correspond to their lifestyle, and the other way around... But you should find a class that completes you".

It took me a while to admit, but I believe she has a point. Being consistent with yoga and meditation (and massages ;)) actually does help beat the stress out.


Are you a punchy person or a calm one? How do you you balance your energy?
Climb the Wall
Estimated reading time: 1'

Estimated reading time: 1'

I am one of those who likes to try new experiences. Including workouts.

So I showed up one day to a circus class, excited learn how to climb on a trapeze and wind around aerial silks.

Acrobatic arts are one of those sports that looks so gracious and easy, but when you try it for the first time, you understand the high level of dexterity and strength required.

As I was asking the teacher, Alexa, for tips, she simply told me:

"Just do it.

Don't think don't think about falling.

This is a general life advice".

As I was repeatedly failing at mastering the movements in style, my frustration was growing, and I wondered how it was like for her when she started to practice:

"It was exactly the same.

Actually, the silks are my favourite types of acrobatics BECAUSE they are the most challenging (in my opinion), not like the trapeze or aerial hammock, on which you can sit and rest.

So keep pushing until you reach "the wall".

The wall... It got me thinking.

Anything new is difficult at first.

Like climbing a wall. It gets more and more difficult as you go. You do not see the end of it. You think about the pain. You're close to giving up. 

Until you eventually reach a turning point. 

"When you get to the other side of the wall, you get more pleasure.

You feel more comfortable, strong, aware of your body. You find muscles you didn't know you had or needed.

You feel like possibilities are endless, there is no finish line.

You can keep being creative and do new things".

I have kept this symbol in mind ever since that day.

And you, which wall have you climbed?