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"When you Smile, Are you Happy or Pretending to Be?" - Chatting Photography with
helene photoshoot
Witnessing my photographer friends lose sight was an eye opener to live in the moment & cherish everything that I have right now

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In my spare time, I sometimes like to do some modeling. 

So back in LA, I got it touch with Ratan to plan a photoshoot downtown.

He had recently moved to town and needed some content for his portfolio, while I wanted some nice pictures for myself (and Instagram :) ).

Turns out we were both keen on in-depth conversations and got to know each other quickly during the shoot.

I was floating from one emotion to another as we were telling each other’s about our passions, vulnerabilities, fears and dreams.

Truth is, Ratan is specialized in female portraits, with a focus on raw genuine emotions.

He blends storytelling and photography to create unique portraits that tell a story through the eyes of the models he shoots.

He also has a superpower that makes his creations unique.

Find out what it is in the podcast.

Find you way in the episode:

0:00 - Chasing the light and telling a story

2:10 - Being colorblind as a photographer: turning a weakness into a strength 

6:00 - Getting laid off and picking one’s camera for the first time

10:00 - The street-smart way of learning photography

14:00 - Why smile is a distraction on pictures… Are you happy or pretending to be?

18:00 - Capturing expression through the eyes after having model share their story

21:00 - Witnessing a famous photographer lose sight

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Experiencing Rebirth with Underwater Photography

I met Gisèle Lubsen at her art gallery in Los Angeles.

She is a Conceptual Underwater Photographer who noticed that the combo of both water and photography can help people go through traumas and in general boost confidence by overcoming challenges.

Magic takes place.

In this podcast, we discussed how she applies her inspiration of Renaissance painters into her photography, and the emotional process that her models go through as they spend seconds or minutes without breathing to do the shoot, from fear to excitement, pride and sometimes healing.

Never Lose Your I
— Gisele Lubsen, Underwater Photographer

Find your way in the episode:

1:30 - Finding inspiration at the Louvres 

4:00 - The 3 particularities of art:

  • Be stunning

  • Create emotions

  • Have an empowering message

5:00 - Overcoming the lack or air to improve self-love & how underwater photography can heal and empower

10:00 - Turning your fears into excitement  

15:00 - You stop doubting yourself once you know that you’re doing the job you are supposed to

Your Curse is Your Gift
Reading time: 30 sec

Reading time: 30 sec

I heard about Perry for the first time while listening to one of my friend's podcasts.

He was talking about his 10-week long traveling across the States in an RV with friends, Traveling Good, creating video content and promoting non-profit organisations, a pretty badass initiative.

 Turns out he comes from a small farm town and his first trip to California and then outside of the country has turned his life around and his curses into blessings.

He now is a filmmaker and storyteller and aims at exploring under-developed countries and ask indigenous people questions about their lifestyles to make us reflect on society, happiness, culture and all the choices that we make. Listen up!

Find your way in the episode:

00:40 Finding his first camera & messing around

03:00 Pivotal moments & going one’s own way

05:40 How traveling puts things in perspective

07:00 The secret sauce of taking risks

09:40 Your curse is your gift

16:00 Doing things for money or following your heart?

Speak Up!
cat calls of New York

There are few guerrilla street art projects that can catch your attention and trigger emotions in you like Catcalls of NYC does. Just imagine walking down the street and reading the sentence "come blow me" or "I deserve to touch that ass"  in rainbow colors under your feet... Impossible to remain impassive.

Sophie Sandberg started chalking pavements in New York shortly after puberty, when realizing that not only men were catcalling her on a regular basis despite her young age, 15, but that passersby weren't paying attention to it.

She decided to dedicate her studies and past time learning about gender equity and raising awareness on sexual harassment, in the hope of empowering both victims and witnesses to speak up.

Listen to her inspiring story and share your experience of sexual harassment in the comments below.

Find your way in the episode:

1:00: How the project started

2:00: Compliments or harassment?

4:00: Feeling powerful by making someone feel uncomfortable

4:50: The #metoo movement

6:00 Tips to learn to speak up

8:00: Why women should be empowered

Appreciate the Small Things in Life <3


In this second episode, I have interviewed a Venice artist on the art of being aware of little things and present in the moment, and the idea that it only takes a couple seconds to brighten someone's day.

He has been leaving hand-written quotes all over town anonymously for a couple years, such as "Trust your dopeness", "The world is full of nice people, if you can't find one, be one", or "Hey, it's going to be okay".

We discuss what let him to want to bring some of the European "joie de vivre" to Los Angeles, after having himself been able to travel, disconnect and enjoy doing "nothing".


Find your way in the episode:

01:30 The tourist's eyes

04:00 Art as a way to disconnect 

08:00 Adding positivity in the world

12:00 How it all started - Le Pont des Arts, Paris

14:00 Destiny

17:30 Turning point & cultural shock: moving on after traveling and playing soccer

20:00 The importance of self-love

23:00 Being present in the moment, the difference between Europe & the States



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Appreciate the smaller things in life
— Lockedart