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"The Atmosphere Invites to Persevere" - Interview n.2 of the Fitness Series
Xavier musculation fitness no pain no gain

Xavier has been my friend since kindergarten.

But over the last few years, he has completely transformed his physique with body building.

I wondered what kept him motivated to continue as most people drop their New Year’s workout resolutions in February.

"I’ve always had the taste of the effort.

I have practiced horse riding, volleyball, badminton, now bodybuilding ... In addition to relaxation, sports allows you to build a physique that you like, which I find essential for self-confidence. As someone said, "One must suffer to be beautiful"!

Also, at the gym, there is an atmosphere of camaraderie, a friendliness that I did not find in other sports, even in team sports.

And above all, it's a healthy activity - we're not at the bar! Even some older people who come here and don’t push themselves as hard are happy to be here for the dynamic and motivating atmosphere! It catalyzes the effort and invites to persevere.

Like everything else, sport is a matter of willpower - you have to be clear about your goals, unafraid of getting started and not hesitate to ask for advice and persevere. No pain, no gain".

"Go All the Way", "No Pain no Gain", "Invest in Yourself"... What Motivates People to Workout?

Hi guys,

So I’ve just finished a partnership with a french fitness company, interviewing their members about the way sports has positively impacted different areas of their lives.

Incredibly interesting to see how motivations can be drastically different from one member to another!

From the person who went from overweight to athlete, the one who decided to invest in their health, the one who works out fully dressed, scarf, hat & earrings included because she doesn’t have much time, to the one who had rather be here than being on the streets causing troubles… They all have something to escape or something to attain.

And the beauty of that is that sports rassembles them around a healthy activity, that provides them with an increased self-confidence, that in turn impacts other areas or their life (career, love, friendships…) because they’ve learnt to set objectives, handle pain and push their limits.

Why do you work out and how has it brought benefits into your life?

Here’s the first interview of the series:

Franck go all the way - fitness gym mantra

"Sport is the school of life: we learn to define goals and overcome difficulties, which translates into other areas of life.

Younger, I won a national full-contact competition, then competed in athletics and moved on to bodybuilding, more playful.

After having back problems, I realized the importance of the mindset. If we listen to doctors, we don’t do anything!

In parallel, I understood the importance of health beyond performance.

I saw how doping in high level competitions could destroy the health of those who seek to shine ...

And my wife opened my eyes to the vegan diet. I did my research and reoriented my way of thinking:

how do my lifestyle and diet help me function?

I gained ten pounds of muscle since I started bodybuilding and am interested in food hygiene. One does not go without the other!

I also reoriented myself: I was already practicing a health profession, and I am going to specialize in sports physiotherapy.

Sport has become an integral part of my life that made me want to give the best of myself, for myself.

That's why my personal motto is: go all the way. Till the end. Of your dreams, your goals, without worrying about the obstacles. "


"Le sport, c'est l'école de la vie: on apprend à définir des objectifs et à se donner les moyens de surmonter des difficultés, ce qui se transpose à d'autres domaines de la vie.

Plus jeune, j'ai remporté une compétition nationale de full-contact, puis

participé à des compétitions d'athlétisme pour ensuite évoluer vers la musculation, plus ludique.

Après des problèmes de dos j'ai compris l'importance que jouait le mental. Si on écoute les médecins, on ne fait plus rien!

En parallèle, j'ai compris l'importance de la santé, au-delà de la performance.

J'ai vu comment le dopage dans les compétitions de haut niveau pouvait détruire la santé de ceux qui cherchent à briller...

Et ma femme m'a ouvert les yeux sur un nouveau mode alimentaire, le végétalisme. J'ai fait mes recherches et réorienté mon mode de pensée: qu'est-ce que mon mode de vie et ma nourriture m'apportent pour bien fonctionner?

J'ai pris dix kilos (de muscles) depuis que j'ai attaqué la musculation et me suis intéressé à l'hygiène alimentaire. L'un ne va pas sans l'autre!

Je me suis également réorienté: je pratiquais déjà un métier de santé, et m'apprête à me spécialiser en kinésithérapie du sport.

Le sport est devenu une partie intégrante de ma vie qui m'a donné envie de donner le meilleur de moi-même, pour moi-même.

Voila pourquoi mon slogan personnel est: go all the way. Va jusqu'au bout. De tes rêves, de tes objectifs, sans te soucier des limites que tu pensais avoir. "

"IT'S AN ENCHANTED INTERLUDE" / Chatting Ashtanga Yoga with Rene Kubiak

I’ve practiced various types of yoga in different parts of the world and my most intense session was during an ashtanga class, in France.

As I was holding a contorted pose, I felt emotions coming up.

After talking to my teacher, I realized that yoga isn’t just a workout.

It’s way to face your body, to be in the present moment, to let go of emotions and to exorcise fears, traumas and imposed limitations.

That’s what we discussed in the interview.

Check it out!