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Can You See the Signs?
Estimated reading time: 1'

Estimated reading time: 1'

I lost my job due to a change in strategy.

30 days to pack my bags & leave the USA.

I had left my country, my boyfriend & my job for this opportunity, all to end in a snap.

With no plan in mind, I took a soul-searching trip to Mexico.

Never in my life have I come across so many signs from the Universe.

I discovered that, when most vulnerable, you become fully aware of your surroundings.

You hang on to anything and everything that will give you strength.

The encouragement of a stranger.

Lyrics of a song on the radio.

The quote in a fortune cookie.

Someone’s tattoo.

The name of a bar.



And you start to trust them.

As my roomie said: “You’re lucky, few people get to start on a blank page” Reboot.

I had to decide of the next step.

What is my value? 

What do I want? 

Where to next?

I burned through my savings.

Reached out to all my friends.

Traveled hours for interviews.

Showed up to companies unannounced. Moved from one couch to another.

Started a blog.

Created a portfolio.

I go after my dreams. I am surrounded by opportunities.

Visa deadline, what-ifs? Forgotten.

Every step I take leads me closer to my goal.

I am confident that it is a matter of days before I sign my dream job.

When you are facing tough times, are you the victim or the risk-taker?