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Always Stick to Your Ethics
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I heard about Sebastien's story while discussing dream jobs abroad with my boyfriend at the time.

He told me the horror story of one of his friends.

It all started well.

Sebastien had signed a new job in beautiful Cyprus, his dream job, great salary and perks, fun company and interesting responsibilities, and had moved into a beautiful apartment with rooftop terrasse.

His girlfriend was willing to have a long-distance relationship, and he was getting along well with his new colleagues.

Or so he thought.

One night on a weekday, they all went out and his colleagues insisted that he's take drugs with them.

He never tried it and wasn't into it. But everybody was doing it, insisting over and over again so he felt peer-pressured and ended up accepting to try it for the first time.

Incidentally, the next day, there happened to be a drug control in the office.

Not for everyone though, he was the only person "randomly picked".

His test was, of course, positive and he was asked to pick up his things and leave the company/country on the same day.

Once he came back to his home country, Sweden, he was unemployed for a while, became depressed, put up on weight, his girlfriend broke up with him and he lost his apartment.

Eventually, he turned his life around, has a new place/ job/girlfriend and is happy,

Turns out one of his managers in Cyprus was jealous of him and felt insecure, fearing that he'd take his place eventually. He had arranged the whole thing to oust him.

My conclusion on that one would be: always stick to your ethics, no matter what others are pressuring you to do...

Have you ever been backstabbed? How did you react?