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You don't Give a Fuck
Reading time: 2'

Reading time: 2'

Olivier's tattoo of a split apart ladybug called out to me.

"There's a French saying that I find ridiculous. Basically if a ladybug appears on your arm, you're supposed to blow on it, make a wish and it will fly to the skies and ask God to make it come true.

That ladybug, I crush it.

I don't believe in that bullshit. I don't wait around and pray.

You know what, generally speaking anyways, people bury their heads in the sand and it revolts me. They pray for Paris, they pray for the temperature not to rise too much, they pray for Trump not to mess up. 

Crowds scare me. They are being TOLD that they eat shit, do a shitty job, have a shitty life all day long, and they do not give a fuck, myself included.

Do you know this quote from Gary D. Schmidt in the movie "La Haine"? It's the story of a man falling from a 50-story building. The guy, as he falls, repeats constantly to reassure himself: "So far so good. .. So far, so good. .. So far, so good..."

But the important part is not the fall. It's the landing.

This sentence sums up pretty well the global warming and all that mess.

"Temperature is rising but as long as I still have beers in the fridge and there's steak in the supermarket, so far so good". They pretend to try and make a difference, eat vegetarian, ecological. But take a look at the menu here (NB: we're sitting in a restaurant) - half of it comes from he other side of the world, packed up. Do you thing that quinoa is grown in France?!

I watched the documentary "Manufacturing Consent" the other day, about Edward Bernays. He turned the word "propaganda" into "PR" and invented the current American consumerist system. One day he was like "let's make people buy by desire rather than by need. He started promoting cigarettes to women by calling them torches of freedom. He never hid anything nor felt like he was doing anything immoral.

There's also this book from Gustave le Bon, "The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind", that explains crowd behavior. There's no conspiracy theory and we are not taken for fools. We are taken for who we are. Everything is exposed and the information is out there. 

I believe that one way to sort this out is through education. My dad always taught me that if you look at something that appears flat, tilt your head and it might appear in 3-D. But real life nowadays is about putting food on the table, not chitchatting philosophy or questioning reality. School nowadays is TV and internet.

I'm not mad at the system because they'd be wrong not to offer things that people are willing to buy.

I'm mad at citizens.

I blame people for not doing their research nor taking meaningful actions and pretending to give a fuck. They complain about politics, ecology, employment rates and keep eating strawberries all year long and acting the same way, hoping for a different result.

I'm not going to take part in this mockery anymore.

I'll keep drinking, I'll keep smoking and I'll keep complaining but I found one way to contribute.

I care about waste and I’ve decided to act. So me and my girlfriend have decided to start dumpster-diving. In one night we collect food for the both of us for weeks. That’s one step. On a larger-scale, we are talking about tons of food wasted multiplied by supermarkets and by countries.

What do you REALLY give a fuck about and what do you do about it?