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Invest In Yourself
Estimated reading time: 4'

Estimated reading time: 4'

The night I met my new roommate, I had just lost my job and was overly anxious.

After exchanging a few introductions, he told me that he had a lot of energy and could share some with me, preparing a “ball of energy” between his hands — if you can picture that. He approached me and asked to put his hand on my chest. Caught unaware, I accepted. 

After 3 or 4 deep breaths though, and without completely understanding how, I suddenly felt much better, like relieved of a weight...

Intrigued, I asked him if this “energy thing” was magical.

"- I did not believe in this either at first!

- So how did you get introduced to it?

- A few years ago, I started a pursuit of enlightment. I wasn’t a cool kid growing up. I was shy, not good at dating or with friends. I thought I’d have to live with that, that this was engrained in me. Until I learnt that it was possible to master social dynamics, and alter my own energy and vibration. I have learnt certain tricks: eye contact, charisma, confidence, body energy… Those are skills that you can train, like leadership.

In 2014, I had a depression, I felt that I was trapped, hiding behind a mask so friend recommended that I'd go to a landmark farm. It is a transformational workshop consisting in deep psychological work, that helps people break out of their limited beliefs in a group.

This was succesful so I tried other things. I've learned about chakras, I've participated in "Interchange", a counseling program, and the "Authentic Man Program", which teaches you the masculine/feminine dynamics. I've been to naked camps, where everybody opens up and gives love to each other, freely, without the constraint of clothes. I also do daily meditation and yoga for body awareness and have a Tantra lifestyle, which helps being conscious of my energy and the ones of my partners.

There's also the orgasmic meditation. It is another group experience during which you meditate and stroke other people while focusing on body awareness, rather than seeing it as a sexual experience. I used to not be attuned to my "energy body" so this was a vulnerable experience that unlocked emotions the first time: I cried for the first time in 20 years. In other words, you can compare this experience to the healing of your inner child. It also improves your relationships to others. The male gives, and the female receives. Once you do this, you break a lot of fears when it comes to approaching women...

Another impactful experience I've had was with psychedelics: LSD, mushrooms, Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is made from a vine in the Amazon forest — it's cooked and you drink its sludgy liquid, while a shaman calls in the spirit. You feel that "Loving Mother Earth Spirit" enters your body, to heal you psychologically, spiritually and emotionally. You start having visions and puke out energetic patterns. It shows you what you need to see, for example, the next steps you need to take for your company. That's why Ayahuasca is known as the "CEO drug".

I personally had visions of my dad, whom I hadn't seen in 3 years. I bought a plane ticket to meet him and resolve our issues and forgive him. He passed away the following week.

- How can this be explained?

- All those experiences are created by you, your brain in the end, but set up by those activities. You cannot "pretend". Especially the ahayuaska that really gives you very strong body reactions, it is difficult to imagine that it is only the brain making things up.

Also I've once been asked to hold a kryptonite, not knowing the effect it would have on my body. And suddenly I started to feel extremely warm and had to undress, to then learn that kryptonites are full of energy, which spreads into you as you touch them.

- So do you feel like you are done with all those experiences, or are you still in quest for spirituality?

- There are no limits to human capacities, I've grown faster than I ever had, I am on an accelerating ramp. There's always the next workshop to attend, the next article or book to read.

- What have you learned so far?

- That the number one priority as as human is spiritual awakening, not money. I used to be cheap — now I'd rather invest in myself and it is paying off, I am much happier, self confident and can have intimate connections and experiences. The Universe is not random, there is a master plan, and everything is happening FOR us not TO us, so we have to listen to the signs, listen to our bodies and be present, in order to achieve enlightment".

Don't Wait for Something Drastic to Happen to be Reminded of How Good Life Is
Estimated reading time: 3'

Estimated reading time: 3'

We were on a bus ride to the Russian river when my roommate Rob and I started to discuss about life-changing moments. He is quite a laid-back and private guy, which made the confession of his personal experience all the more intriguing. He got his one day, while on acid (LSD). It was an experience that had never happened with other drugs; other substances he tried would actually make him feel miserable at some point, either physically or mentally. That day, after having swallowed the drug and as the substance started to kick, he started to step deep into his soul, reflecting around his emotions. 

"Drugs help you realise that everything is a result of the decisions you make, including your emotions, your thoughts. Emotions are like a flame on your arm, you can decide to either blow them off or let them burn you.

I also started to become aware of every single cell forming my body, interacting to keep me alive, without having to actively think about it or consciously act on it. Every part of our bodies make us who we are, when all we really know is our skin. While on LSD, your mind is clear, but your visual experience is different, sharper, brighter, bolder, kind of like the screen saver of a computer. 

As I looked at myself in the mirror, I touched the glass, trying to reach out to my reflection, amazed to discover every single detail of my appearance, noticing my facial features, the mannerism of my body, as if it were for the very first time.

When walking around alone, I could see how amazing the world around me truly was, how each little detail had been created with such perfection, and the fact that surprisingly, all seemed to work and make sense".

At that point of the story, I almost wanted to try acid myself, but I focused on the lesson he had learnt: the common denominator of all those emotional, physical and mental disruptions, was a deep feeling of thankfulness and appreciation.

Rob continues: "I, like most people, used to take my comfort and security for granted, from the clothes I wore, to the coffee I drank in the morning. Yet, we were born in a moment of history when the biggest problems of humanity have already been solved: unlimited access to water and electricity, shelter, preventable diseases, to name a few. We forget that we were born into it a world that was not made this way. But we never think about it. Do you ever?

In comparison to the future too, there’s a lot to be thankful for. We do not know how life will look a hundred years forward… Most likely, looking at the current evolution and trends, our lives will become more superficial, social interactions will decrease. We will thrive with our laziness. And virtual reality will take away the journey. For example, let’s say you want to travel, you do not have to go to Australia anymore. You skip the line at the airport and the 30+ hours on the plane. You simply put a VR headset on and it’s like you are there.

The best part of this awakening moment is that Rob has been keeping this sensation ever since:

"I now see the world differently, I realise how small we are in the grand scheme, and I more appreciative of what I have".

We seem to live in a world where everything is taken for granted, where we expect to get everything right here right now, and the more we have, the less we appreciate all the good things we see, own or get to experience. We shouldn’t need to wait for something drastic to happen to be reminded of how good life is and to be thankful for it. Let’s wake up and remind ourselves every day instead.


Disclaimer: This blog is intended to be informative only and represents solely the personal experience of interviewees. This blog is not meant to promote use of any drugs.