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The Importance of Preserving Nature in Real-Estate & Valuing Connections more than Ownership
Photo by Christopher Brown (Studios)

Photo by Christopher Brown (Studios)

Over the last few nights, I had the honor of staying at the fantastic Palacio Belmonte while in Lisbon, Portugal.

Overlooking the tile roofs and the Tagus river.

Sleeping in one of the top ten most luxurious suites in the worlds and certainly the most exclusive private guest house I’ve stepped into.

Arriving on the premises right after a superstar singer and leaving just before an awarded actor.

It was a surreal experience, to say the least.

The cheeky and approachable owner, Frederic Coustols, welcomed us and I quickly got interested in knowing him more.

Frederic is someone who’d rather read a good book and have a one on one conversation than attending mundane dinners.

All that is not given is lost
— Frederic Coustols, landscape collector

He’d rather share his home with guests, than owning an immense property alone and looking through the window.

He mingles with people from all walks of life, smoking cigars with a world-renowned artist in the morning, and talking about life with passers-by in the afternoon. It’s about human connections.

He’s seen both sides of the coin. Making his way up to becoming a multi-millionaire, losing it all and back again, he understood that happiness is within. And in accepting ourselves for who we are, and others.

Taking action by focusing mainly on vernacular architecture (a style that reflects local traditions) and starting ecological initiatives of environmental restorative projects rather than sitting still and watching the capitalist and consumerist model destroy the planet.

Frederic’s project, DaST, Develop a Sustainable Tomorrow:

The DaST projects value the relationship and connection with the local landscape, architectural history, traditional activities and social habits, introducing a new sustainable and contemporary way of life.

Find you way in the episode:

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3.30 - Happiness has nothing to do with money, still we want more

9.00 - The happiest people don’t travel

12.00 - From “my house” to the house of many

14.00 - Dream your life rather than living it & be lazy to succeed

19.00 - All that is not given is lost