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It's All Good as Long as You Apologize

I met Thomas through a common friend who was visiting me from San Francisco.

We went to a co-working space for the day (we had the luxury of being able to work remote, which means no office, but no real holiday either).

Thomas was another French guy who had his quarters there.

I asked my friend for an introduction.

“- Never mind, you’re never going to get along. 

- Huh? Why?

- Because he’s just the extreme opposite of you. You just won’t connect, that’s all.

He’s just a mean guy!”

I was flabbergasted.

“- Alright, now I HAVE to meet him”.

Listen to his journey from being a social misfit, to finding his way and becoming an influencer with a voice (38 000+ followers on Twitter).


Find your way in the episode:

2:20 Truth flows from the mouth of babes & being misunderstood as a child

6:00 The concept of safe zone 

7:00 Teasing as a shell of protection & provoking reactions

9:30 Testing boundaries as a way to filter friends

11:00 Being rude in Southern Europe Vs the States

13:30 Flirting like an asshole

16:00 Being successful and getting a voice on social media by being true to yourself

19:00 The pressure of being on your best behaviour

24:00 Embracing cultures when travelling

You can be rude, but don’t forget to apologize”