The first MINISERIES about people who deconstruct cultural, societal and self-imposed limitations

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I believe that freedom lingers at the edge of your fear, and that vulnerability will set you free. Because you accept your past and change the story: you see it as a strentgh.

Lives / Disrupted is a collection of stories from inspiring people who faced life-changing experiences. The insights they got allowed them to act in bold, unusual ways, or simply let their true selves come out.

Sharing those stories from people who display vulnerability and collecting real-life transitions, from pain to purpose, creates empathy, empowers and inspires people to live their own dream, taste & experience life to the fullest & capture my adventures, to plant seeds so people can also trigger changes in their lives and dare to go after their wildest dreams.

I invite you to become part of a community of those who challenge the status quo by contributing to the project.

r 300 random encounters on the most meaningful life experiences that turned their lives around (their silver lining, switch, turning-point, trigger point, aha moment, fuck-it moment, wake-up call, revelation, awakening... (whatever you call it).


The series will be an intimate journey of discovery that unveils the real meaning of success and happiness.

Lives / Disrupted, the series, will reveal that success cannot be defined by society, but is unique to each individual in society, and most often than not, completely unrelated.

The series shares the message that we all can disrupt our own lives by questioning what really drives us.


We still need $10,000 to bring this film to life. Here's where the money will go:

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My story is that I lost track of who I was.

When I fell in love, I sacrificed my dreams and goals to live in a country and do a job I wasn’t that excited about.

didn't get why it was happening because after all, all I wanted was to find love and I had found it? So what was wrong with me?

Why couldn't I feel happy when I had everything I thought I wanted? When I did what my parents and society expected from me?

After a couple years, I felt dead inside.


I would like to encourage the audience to go deep inside themselves and find their drive. By doing it, they will be able to follow their own dreams and eventually create an impact in the world, because impact happens when passionate people decide to take action.

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People who have followed their passion & let their true selves come out. They’ve been through s* & have an attractive energy & vibe.

They don’t have it all figured out & aren’t happy 100% of the time, but they love their lives & have sparkles in their eyes when they talk about it. I meet them randomly, while waiting for the bus, queuing at the bakery, traveling on an Uber or I actively approach the ones that inspire me & scratch the surface, to find out what their background story is.



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