Experiencing Rebirth with Underwater Photography


I met Gisèle Lubsen at her art gallery in Los Angeles.

She is a Conceptual Underwater Photographer who noticed that the combo of both water and photography can help people go through traumas and in general boost confidence by overcoming challenges.

Magic takes place.

In this podcast, we discussed how she applies her inspiration of Renaissance painters into her photography, and the emotional process that her models go through as they spend seconds or minutes without breathing to do the shoot, from fear to excitement, pride and sometimes healing.

Never Lose Your I
— Gisele Lubsen, Underwater Photographer

Find your way in the episode:

1:30 - Finding inspiration at the Louvres 

4:00 - The 3 particularities of art:

  • Be stunning

  • Create emotions

  • Have an empowering message

5:00 - Overcoming the lack or air to improve self-love & how underwater photography can heal and empower

10:00 - Turning your fears into excitement  

15:00 - You stop doubting yourself once you know that you’re doing the job you are supposed to