“Don't Fit the Mold” / Interviewing a Yellow Jacket

gilet jaune

I was in Paris this week, and obviously, as a Journalist specialized in portraits of game-changers and rule-breakers, I ought to attend a yellow-jacket march.

As I was walking down Montmartre, I spotted a group of them, looking for the rest of the regiment. 

We made acquaintance:

“Be careful, walking around with your camera... Some of the YJ hate Journalists'“ they said, while handing me some artificial tears in case I’d get gassed.

“At the Champs Elysees last week, we saw some of them got beaten up and get their cameras crushed. It’s no laughing matter.

To be honest, we don’t trust the mass media anymore, they lie too much. So Journalists get stigmatized.

For instance, BFM TV claimed we were “1500” last week. Look at the pictures on my phone. This is ridiculous. They make the movement look smaller than it is, because they are scared.

I know you are an alternative media, but just beware.” 

Next, I asked him what he had against the government:

“We are cash cows to them. Constantly taxed.

For instance, my dad has worked for 40 years and keeps paying loads of taxes.

We go on holidays, and when we return, we notice the government has voted new laws in the meantime, or added more taxes.

The solution? I think that Macron should listen to people and ask us for our opinion. Let the people vote. And implement a real Liberty - Equality - Fraternity”.

I asked what triggered his willingness to revolt.

“Well, I’ve been in the army for 15 years and over there, I realized we were mere pawns of the State, formatted.

Selling weaponry, destroying countries, building them back and watching citizens suffer.

After the army, I worked in the Antarctic Ocean for a year, surrounded by penguins and sea elephants.

So when I got back to France, after being so connected to nature and animals, I got a slap in my face.

We are destroying the world. I see politicians and lobbies place money before anything else. That’s hypocrisy. I am scared for my children. Which is also why I am marching today. I questioned myself a lot. And the capitalistic system. I don’t want them to tell me one day “What have you done? How could you leave us a planet like this and not fight?!”.

I know it’s not easy, we work all day, we go home… But my message to people is: take a step back and analyze what is going on. Don’t fit the mold.”