Your Curse is Your Gift

Reading time: 30 sec

Reading time: 30 sec

I heard about Perry for the first time while listening to one of my friend's podcasts.

He was talking about his 10-week long traveling across the States in an RV with friends, Traveling Good, creating video content and promoting non-profit organisations, a pretty badass initiative.

 Turns out he comes from a small farm town and his first trip to California and then outside of the country has turned his life around and his curses into blessings.

He now is a filmmaker and storyteller and aims at exploring under-developed countries and ask indigenous people questions about their lifestyles to make us reflect on society, happiness, culture and all the choices that we make. Listen up!

Find your way in the episode:

00:40 Finding his first camera & messing around

03:00 Pivotal moments & going one’s own way

05:40 How traveling puts things in perspective

07:00 The secret sauce of taking risks

09:40 Your curse is your gift

16:00 Doing things for money or following your heart?