Life happens 4 You, not 2 You

Find your way in the episode:

00:00 Having an entrepreneurial mindset and the point of skipping college

05:00 Cultural shock in Los Angeles in the music industry and Instagram Vs real-life

07:00 The lucid dream that kickstarted the dream life

10:00 Dealing with haters and the shit that life hands you

13:00 What's your why? Tell yourself a hundred times a day and you'll remain motivated

14:00 Unconditional love

16:00 This luxurious life you want is more attainable that you think

JPR message - life happens for you, not to you

I met Jordan at a cacao ceremony in LA, a couple weeks back (random, you say). He's the type of guy that you simply get attracted to like a magnet. He has the biggest smile and the most positive mindset you'll know.

Proof is in his art: see, he is a rapper. But. He doesn't drop guns, BMWs and pussies in his beats. He rhymes about dreams, self-love, hard work and hustle. He makes music for entrepreneurs. 

If you're anything like me and follow people like Gary V, Tim Ferris and others, you know the mindset. 

I interviewed him about his secret sauce for putting everything behind to follow his creative career, moving to LA and saying hell no to the classic Ivy League - white collar - white fence life.