Always Dare to Be More!

I met Tatiana at a women-only networking event in LA. 

We instantly vibed as she also is a big believer of female empowerment. 

What she taught me however; was that there's a pretty common misconception of the definition of a successful career among us ladies : indeed; the path is very much different for each gender, and copying males can very much lead to unfulfilment; feeling the need to constantly prove ourselves, or being perceived as a bitch.

Rather; she taught me the importance of embracing who we truly are, taking into account our specific gifts from nature and embracing our differences: Listen to her story and how she came to those realisations after having hit the wall herself. 

Sum-up of the episode:

-  Feminine Vs Masculine energy

- Embracing your gender-specific power or taking it away from yourself

- Achieving the society-defined success but hitting the wall at a Tony Robbin's event

- Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure

- Western women will heal the world

- How copying men can turn you into a bitch

- The right way to use your guns as an attractive woman

Reading time: 1'

Reading time: 1'