Leaders Feel the Fear, then Take the First Step Anyways

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01:00 Emotions are the key to content

02:00 Working for a startup is not all rainbows and sunshine

07:00 The importance of genuine connections: relationship businesses rather than transaction-based

10:00 Peace, love and purpose

14: Leaders are not invincible, they just internalize fear better

Reading time: 2’

Reading time: 2’

“I’m addicted to fear. People think leaders are invincible but the truth is, we have the same emotions as everyone else, we just process them better”.

Josh Fechter is without a doubt one of my inspirations as a founder.

You rarely see people as passionate as him about their business.

He does work incredibly hard, like most founders, constantly finding innovative solutions to disrupt the marketing industry, but what always stroke me is that he cares about people more than he does about cash.

The three words “Peace, Love and Purpose”, tattooed on his arm as a reminder of what guides him, lead the way to both his personal and professional decisions and I believe that the value he attaches to ethics stands behind his success.

By success, I could refer to the societal definition of success, stamped by multiple awards for his marketing, content & growth hacking expertise (Top Quora Writer , Forbe’s 12 Innovative Founders To Watch And Learn From, Maxim’s Top B2B marketing influencer, etc).

But I won’t.

That’s not what we discussed in the podcast.

I’m interested in the less talked about, nonetheless crucial definition of success which is, in my opinion: building strong and genuine human connections.

Josh Fechter has now formed a winning duet with his partner Houston Golden and co-founded together the “Badass Marketers & Founders Media” agency and of its associated Facebook community of 20 000+ people .

His secret to other entrepreneurs?

“Feel the fear and take the first steps anyways”.

  • When you choose to keep hustling despite facing rejection and realizing that having a startup isn’t all just rainbows and sunshines…

  • When you keep going because you’re led by your heart…

  • When you wake up in the morning excited because you’re making a true impact in people’s lives and businesses…

That is, the real definition of success.

What’s yours?

Do you use your emotions as tools in business or do you shut them down?