"I Want Women to Step out of their Comfort Zone when they Wear my Jewelry" - Baroqco

Baroqco Helene Clabecq female empowerment jewellry

I had the privilege of attending the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week this year, and you know me, I exclusively seek designers who pass on an empowering message through their work.

Haute Couture creations are generally breathtaking, and adding a layer of depth by integrating a message for those who wear them certainly multiplies their value.

That’s what led me to the Baroqco show.

Bbaroqco Helene Clabecq female empowerment jewelry

The founders, originally from the Netherlands, have this beautiful story of having fallen in love with bijoux and gems in particular, in Paris, Place Vendôme, as they were selecting jewelry to wear for their wedding.

Eduardo Liem, who designed the pieces with his wife, Imelda, answered some of my questions about their extravagant designs and the love and intent they’ve infused into them, as we cheered on sugar-free soda at Le Grand Hotel Intercontinental de Paris, after the show:

“What I want to achieve through my designs is female empowerment. I want to take away the insecurity of women so they can be empowered by it.

When I give them my jewelry, they are sometimes within their comfort zone, insecure… But once they wear it, they get outside of that comfort zone. They go through a transformation to be the women they are, with a sense of dignity and extroversion. All eyes are on them”.

And indeed, how can you not feel like a queen yourself when wearing such fabulous pieces? See for yourself:

Baroqco Jewerly female empowered
Baroqco Jewerly female empowered jewelry