"The Atmosphere Invites to Persevere" - Interview n.2 of the Fitness Series

Xavier musculation fitness no pain no gain

Xavier has been my friend since kindergarten.

But over the last few years, he has completely transformed his physique with body building.

I wondered what kept him motivated to continue as most people drop their New Year’s workout resolutions in February.

"I’ve always had the taste of the effort.

I have practiced horse riding, volleyball, badminton, now bodybuilding ... In addition to relaxation, sports allows you to build a physique that you like, which I find essential for self-confidence. As someone said, "One must suffer to be beautiful"!

Also, at the gym, there is an atmosphere of camaraderie, a friendliness that I did not find in other sports, even in team sports.

And above all, it's a healthy activity - we're not at the bar! Even some older people who come here and don’t push themselves as hard are happy to be here for the dynamic and motivating atmosphere! It catalyzes the effort and invites to persevere.

Like everything else, sport is a matter of willpower - you have to be clear about your goals, unafraid of getting started and not hesitate to ask for advice and persevere. No pain, no gain".